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Barcodes Philippines is an authorised International Barcodes Network member. We sell retail barcodes and QR codes for a one-off price. Our EAN-13 retail barcodes are internationally recognised, begin with ’06/07’ and work in the Philippines and worldwide. See why we do not sell barcodes beginning with 480 and our global barcode acceptance.

The International Barcodes Network has sold 1 million+ barcode numbers to over 40,000 customers in the past 12 years. They have customers using their ’06/07’ barcodes in over 120 countries.

What you should know before you buy barcodes.

Key Points
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International Barcodes
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Other Barcode
Standard retail barcode numbers
Barcodes can be used worldwide
No membership forms
No joining fee
No annual fees (one-off cost)
Guaranteed unique numbers
Understand the International Market (with over 10 years experience)
Can supply Global Location Numbers (GLN’s)
Check all barcode numbers for illegal use
Provide barcode images
Fast service
Customer commitment
International (More than 120 countries)
Experience (more than 10 years experience with barcodes)
Can register your products and barcodes online
Part of the International Barcodes Network
Manage your orders online through a dedicated Barcodes Customer Portal


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Any Questions about our barcodes, please refer to our FAQ page or contact us.