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  1. EAN barcodes supplied by the International Barcodes Network
  2. One-off price - NO annual fees
  3. Yours for life without restrictions
  4. Verified EAN/UPC barcode numbers
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  6. Philippines and worldwide retailer compatibility
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  8. PhilGEPS member

EAN barcodes for your products

Product barcode being scanned

Barcodes Philippines is an authorised International Barcodes Network member. We sell EAN barcodes for a one-off price. Our barcodes begin with ’06’ or ’07’ and work in the Philippines and worldwide. See why we do not sell EAN barcodes beginning with 480 and our global barcode acceptance.

2D Barcodes are coming! By 2027, all retailers are expected to scan 2D Barcodes at Point of Sale. 2D Barcodes are replacing linear EAN and UPC barcode images. Note: you will still need an EAN/UPC number as that will be embedded into the 2D Barcode image. We are the only non-membership barcode provider currently offering a GS1-compatible resolver service that fully supports the Digital Link standard.

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Our products and customers

SM Hypermarket

We sell genuine barcodes for a one-off price:

Customers include:

  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Municipal Government Of Alabat
  • BIRC International Resources Corporation
  • Leah’s Food Products
  • Chaoshan Foods Corporation
  • Ace Premium Goods Corporation
  • San Roque Supermarket Retail Systems
  • Wine Brothers Philippine Corporation and many, many more…

How do I get a barcode for my product?

Buying our retail barcodes or QR codes is easy. You don’t need to become a member or provide us with your company/product details – anyone in the Philippines or worldwide can buy and use our barcodes.

See how to pay for your barcodes or some of our barcodes being used in the Philippines.

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A service our customers love

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Contacting us

You can contact us by email to hello@barcodes.ph.

Other ways to get in touch:
Viber (639278273408)
Voice calls/texts +63 991 650 2715.

We can also arrange video calls through Zoom or Skype if required, just get in touch and we’ll do our utmost to help you out.

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About Us

Barcodes Philippines is a supplier to Department of Trade and Industry regional offices. We are an International Barcodes Network member providing genuine barcodes and QR codes to businesses in the Philippines.

Barcodes Philippines is operated by Retail Barcodes Limited.

Barcodes Philippines is the only provider authorised by the International Barcodes Network to sell its EAN barcode numbers within the territorial boundaries of the Philippines.

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