To help you get started, we’ve created a downloadable Guide to Retail Barcodes that explains:

  1. The types of retail barcodes (EAN, UPC, ITF14, ISBN, ISSN)
  2. how to buy barcodes
  3. Adding the barcodes to your products
  4. Registering your barcodes and products with retailers and online databases

Download the Guide to Retail Barcodes (PDF).

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What is a barcode?

This section defines a barcode and explains its importance in retail stores for product tracking, price retrieval, and inventory management. It notes that each product variation requires a unique barcode.

Retail Barcodes

This section introduces different types of retail barcodes. EAN-13 barcodes are used globally for all retail products except books and magazines. UPC-A barcodes are used predominantly in the USA and Canada. ITF-14 Carton Codes are used in warehouses on cartons containing a specific quantity of the product. ISBN and ISSN are barcodes for books and periodical publications, respectively.

How to Get a Barcode

This section describes the process of obtaining a barcode from Barcodes Philippines in three steps: buying a barcode, adding it to your product, and sending your product to retailers. It includes advice on design, printing, and applying the barcode to your product.

Extra Barcode Services

This section explains optional services offered by Barcodes Philippines, including barcode registration and barcode verification. It discusses the benefits of registration and the use of barcode scanning apps. It also addresses a common misconception about the legitimacy of buying barcodes from resellers other than GS1.

Welcome to Barcodes Philippines

This section introduces Barcodes Philippines, a local International Barcodes Network site that provides genuine retail barcodes to businesses in the Philippines for a one-off price. It outlines the mission, products, benefits, and purchasing process of Barcodes Philippines.