Retail barcode packages can be purchased on our Retail Barcodes page. You don’t need to become a member or provide us with your company/product details – anyone in the Philippines or worldwide can buy and use our retail barcodes.

Buying EAN barcodes

The basic process is to first work out is how many barcodes you need. Each separate product needs its own barcode. If you have different product variations (eg your product comes in small/medium/large sizes, or different colours and so on), then each variation should have its own barcode too.

how many barcodes

Once you’ve worked out how many you need, you can enter any quantity on our webpage at and it will tell you the price. There are no other costs from us like memberships or annual subscriptions, and we don’t need information from you other than your billing details.

Just buy the number of barcodes you require and check out. Once you’ve paid, the barcode numbers are automatically sent to you and are yours for life. If you pay by credit card or PayPal you’ll get immediate delivery. Other payment methods take longer to reach us. More information about how to pay for your barcodes.

We don’t need any other details from you because the retailer is the one who ties the barcode number to your product in their system.

We’ve created a video tutorial showing how to select the correct barcode for your product, buy the quantity you need and what to do afterwards.

What will I get?

If you order a standard retail barcode package, we will email the barcode numbers to you with the images as attached files.

You will receive:

You can then easily incorporate the barcode images into your product packaging and start using your barcode. When a retailer first receives your barcode and product they will scan the barcode into the system and input the product information. After this, whenever the barcode is scanned at the checkout, the product information will automatically appear.

The official retail barcode size is 37.29×25.93mm. The barcode can be officially shrunk to 80% of this (i.e. around 20x30mm) without the scannability being affected, however, barcode scanners will occasionally have trouble scanning the barcode if it’s reduced further. Full EAN-13 specifications.

EAN-13 Barcode Image

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Other useful products

ITF-14 Carton Codes

These are barcodes for the outer cartons made from your EAN-13 barcode for use on cartons of a set quantity of the item. i.e. a box of 12 may have an ITF-14 carton code on them. These are required by some retailers.