In today’s fast-paced business environment, remaining competitive often hinges on the ability to adopt innovative technologies that streamline operations and enhance productivity. Enter 2D barcodes – a technology that’s revolutionizing how businesses track, manage, and share information. At the forefront of this revolution is the International Barcodes Network’s IBN Link, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower companies to leverage the full potential of 2D barcoding today, offering full compatibility with the GS1 Digital Link standard.

Starting in 2027, all retailers around the world will be able to scan 2D Barcodes at point of sale, eventually replacing the humble EAN barcode image

As the original and most trusted independent barcode supplier, Barcodes Philippines has been consistently rated 5 stars by customers since 2017. Part of the International Barcodes Network, operating in over 120 countries, Barcodes Philippines provides genuine EAN barcodes that are a one-off purchase, granting ownership for life. Let’s delve into how IBN Link’s 2D barcode solutions can elevate your business operations.

IBN Link’s 2D Barcode Solutions

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Barcodes are changing. Soon, all retailers around the world will be scanning 2D Barcodes at Point of Sale instead of the traditional UPC or EAN barcode.


In the era of digitization, IBN Link’s 2D barcode solutions stand out as a catalyst for change, driving efficiency and accuracy in various industries. Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing, retail, or logistics, the integration of 2D barcodes can transform your tracking and data management workflows. These barcodes aren’t just symbols; they are a gateway to a vast amount of information, capable of storing data both horizontally and vertically, thereby increasing storage capacity exponentially when compared to traditional 1D barcodes.

The beauty of IBN Link lies in its versatility. From inventory management to customer engagement, these barcodes can be customized to fit unique business needs. Furthermore, with the ability for one 2D barcode to link to multiple endpoints depending on the requesting app, businesses can provide more comprehensive information with a simple scan.

As a member of the International Barcodes Network, Barcodes Philippines ensures that the barcodes you receive from us will work with IBN Link’s service, and we are offering a free beta test account with unlimited products, FREE for one year. Please contact us for more details.

Not only does IBN Link provide the technology for generating 2D barcodes, but it also offers the tools and support necessary to seamlessly integrate them into existing systems. This means less downtime and a smoother transition for businesses adapting to the new technology. With the backing of Barcodes Philippines, the assurance of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction becomes the cornerstone of this technological leap, setting a new standard for operational excellence in the industry.

Streamline Efficiency with IBN Link’s Advanced 2D Barcode Tech

Embracing IBN Link’s advanced 2D barcode technology equates to embracing efficiency. The high data density of 2D barcodes allows for faster scanning and less printing space, which is invaluable for businesses looking to optimize their processes. This immediacy of information retrieval is crucial in high-speed environments where time is of the essence, such as in checkout lines or during inventory audits where every second counts toward productivity.

Moreover, error reduction is a significant advantage offered by 2D barcodes. Traditional barcodes can be prone to misreading, but the error correction capabilities inherent in 2D barcodes ensure consistent accuracy. This reliability is a boon for businesses that require precision in tracking and recording data, translating to fewer setbacks and a more robust bottom line. IBN Link’s dedication to providing advanced barcode solutions is supported by Barcodes Philippines’ commitment to delivering high-quality service and genuine products.

The impact of IBN Link’s 2D barcode technology extends beyond the operational facets of a business; it also fosters a more integrated customer experience. With the capability to store more data, businesses can use 2D barcodes for promotional activities, linking customers to multimedia content, or providing detailed product information. This enhanced customer interaction not only improves service delivery but also opens up new avenues for marketing strategies. As a result, companies that partner with Barcodes Philippines for their 2D barcode needs are poised to benefit from a technology that not only streamlines their operations but also enriches their customer engagement.