Choosing a barcode type for your product.

Determine which type of barcode you need. The vast majority of retail products require EAN barcodes which we supply for a one-off cost, yours to own for life. But there are some exceptions to this rule particularly for books and magazines.

We sell EAN and UPC retail barcodes, ITF-14 carton codes, QR codes, ISBN and ISSN images (books and magazines), GLN numbers and Code 39 and 128 (asset tracking) images.


Product Which barcode do I need?
Alcohol EAN barcodes
Art books (includes illustrated books with a title page and/or text or captions) ISBN barcode
Asset tracking Code 39 or code 128 barcodes
Artwork EAN barcodes
Atlases ISBN barcode
Audiobooks ISBN barcode
Board games, jigsaws EAN barcodes
Book – published (includes Braille, hardback, paperback, e-book) ISBN barcode
Book – non-published (includes colouring book, crossword, sudoku) EAN or UPC barcodes
Brochures and pamphlets ISBN barcode
Calendars EAN barcodes
Compact discs (CDs) EAN barcodes

ISBNs if the CD is prose or educational

Clothing & Footwear EAN barcodes
Comic books ISBN barcode
Cosmetics EAN barcodes
Coupons EAN barcodes – check with retailer you wish coupon to be used in
DVDs EAN barcodes

ISBNs if they are educational

Electronics EAN barcodes
Flash cards EAN barcodes
Food EAN barcodes
Garden products EAN barcodes
Graphic novels ISBN barcodes
Greeting cards EAN barcodes
Historical documents ISBN barcodes
Homewares EAN or UPC barcodes
Journals and diaries Non-published use EAN or UPC barcodes

Historical or published diaries use ISBN barcodes

Library systems Code 39 or Code 128 barcodes
Magazines ISSN barcodes
Maps ISBN barcodes
Medicines EAN barcodes
Music (tracks or albums, not sheet music) EAN barcodes
Pamphlets ISBN barcodes
Pictures and photographs EAN barcodes
Postcards EAN barcodes
Posters and art prints EAN barcodes
Serials (magazines, periodicals, etc.) ISSN barcodes
Serials (magazines, periodicals, etc.) if being sold as a one-off book ISBN barcode
Software EAN barcodes
Stationery items EAN barcodes
Shipping containers/cartons containing retail product boxes ITF-14 carton codes
Supplements & Vitamins EAN barcodes
Tools EAN barcodes
Toys, including stuffed animals EAN barcodes