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  • Standard QR codes, although easily recognisable, can be an ugly part of product labelling or your design. It is possible to transform QR codes from being purely functional to integrate well with your brand identity / product design.

    If you have a good designer, they can modify the QR codes for you, however this is often expensive, and sometimes they can inadvertently damage the actual QR code so it won’t scan well.

    We have dedicated designers that can provide custom QR code designs for you. You need to purchase the QR codes first, buy this package and then tell us about your company’s brand and how you will be using the QR code. Then our designers can create a custom QR code for you.

    This example shows the same QR code in original and customised versions.

    QR codes showing customised design

    There are limits to the changes we can make to a QR code as the overriding aim is to maintain its ability to be scanned. We can introduce two colours (with gradients), add a custom logo to the centre and alter the QR code’s foreground elements.

    Our standard package gives you one custom design that can be applied to up to 3 distinct QR codes. Any extra design time is charged at 900 PHP per hour.

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is for customising an existing QR code – it does not include the cost of the QR code itself. QR codes can be purchased separately here.

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  • Buy this service if you need us to update the GTIN Assignment certificate that we supply with our retail barcodes. This will also update any registrations held at

    Please note this will not change any external databases such as each retailer’s inventory management system, GS1 or other online barcode databases. We can only do this for orders that originated from Barcodes Philippines.
    When you order this, please send us the updated company name and details of the original order.


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