If you would like to be featured on our website, please could you answer the following questions about your business, products and barcode experiences, and provide us with images of your product/packaging? It’s an opportunity for you to gain some exposure and free advertising, and it’s great for us to be able to showcase our clients.

1/ Tell us about your company? (You can include details such as your company size, location, how long you’ve been in business. Be sure to include your website address so people can find out more.)

2/ Which products do you sell and where are they offered?

3/ How did you hear about us? Why did you choose Barcodes Philippines?

4/ Have you previous experience with barcodes?

5/ Were there any barcode challenges/issues you faced?

6/ Would you recommend Barcodes Philippines?

Thank you for your time. We will write up your responses and add them to our website in a new ‘Customer showcase’ section.