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Dream Brand Inc.

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Dream Brand Inc. is a Filipino-based distribution company established in 2020, headquartered in Quezon City. The company has a vision to meet the public’s need for affordable, high-quality essential products that provide protection from germs and viruses. Through a strategic partnership with a reputable Philippine toll manufacturing company boasting over 20 years in the industry, Dream Brand Inc. combines research, development, manufacturing, and distribution to deliver highly effective products. In addition to distributing imported and local personal care items, home care goods, and food supplements, the company is also expanding its business through the importation and sourcing of locally produced products.

Among its main product lines is a brand known as GermGuard, which embodies the slogan “Safety in your Hands”. GermGuard offers a range of products including a 70% ethyl alcohol solution with green tea scent and aloe vera extract, an antibacterial moisturising hand soap, a hand sanitiser, a disinfectant solution, and the recent addition to the GermGuard family, the health-boosting VCO+ Plus Virgin Coconut Oil. All GermGuard products have undergone rigorous testing for efficacy and quality, are compliant with FDA standards, and are approved for registration and market distribution. This brand provides Assurance of Family Protection (AFP) against bacteria and viruses at affordable prices, making safety easily accessible to every household.